Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Makes A Good Dog Turn Bad?

There has been many incidents we have viewed in the newspaper or on the news that involve a family dog of years with no temper just one day turn on small children or the owner and biting him or her. Therefore, we ask ourselves what would make a friendly family dog just one-day turn. We wonder are our children safe? What do I do if my dog does this? In addition, what should we do to prevent this horrible thing from happening?

There are answers to these questions that may help even before people set out to pick out a new puppy or dog along with using more caution and doing research on a dog you are considering to adopt. Dogs can be what people call a crossbreed and it only means they are not a full bred. When a dog has more then one breed in them nine times out of ten they will develop an abnormality in the dog’s brain and this is common in crossbred dogs. The dog’s brain actually is not wired the way a full bred dog’s brain is and this alone holds a major factor in why we see stories of a dog just one day snapping. It is up to the owners to teach your dogs the proper etiquette's especially if you have small children around.

Adults must tell small kids repeatedly not to pester the dog because for any dog whether a crossbred or full bred is irritating to all dogs if small kids are taunting them and this answers the question of why my dog snapped. Another answer to this dreadful encounter if it happened to you is the possibility the dog may have a brain tumor that has gone undetected. A lot of times you may not pick up any sign that something physical is going on inside your dog so taking your family dog to the vet a few times a year for a full checkup and x-rays requested is vital to all dog owners.